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Marilyn Verge

Marilyn Verge, Photographe à Carleton-sur-Mer

Pendant que d’autres font le tour du monde à l’affût de clichés inédits, moi je fais le tour de mon village pour saisir ses beautés et ses attraits, et ainsi capter et partager les images qui traduisent l’émotion que je ressens à vivre ici, sur le bord de la baie des Chaleurs.


The Sea

For me, that is where everything begins, and everything comes to a close.

I love its swells and surges, its shattering waves, its constant thundering. Its very immensity, its limitless horizon.

The way the wind soothes its waters, or churns and furrows and tosses up spindrift, spray and spume and rollicking sea horses.

Sunbeams sprinkling on wave crests, the hot noonday sun dazzling the sea surface, the soft light of morning mist, the darkness of storm tossed seas, and foam tipped wavelets washing the shoreline.

My childhood was lulled by its music. Tides continually remoulded the sea shore where I did my childish drawings and gathered my beach stones. I see the blue of the sky dancing its merry way into sea waters.

And I feel as if my feet are turning into roots burrowing deep toward my beginnings.

Translation : Nix Wadden

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